Five Ways Small Businesses Are Powering Growth with Marketing Automation


We know from experience: working with a small marketing team is great for communication, but the workload can be a bit overwhelming at times. Small business marketers are often juggling a myriad of tasks on a day-to-day basis, from email marketing to social media monitoring and more. That’s why so many marketers start looking for a solution that can help them do more with less! This is a story that we’re familiar with at Pardot (after all, we started as a one-woman marketing team ourselves!), and one that sounds familiar to a lot of our clients, too. Fortunately, with a little help from marketing automation, Pardot clients have been able to solve a number of pain points, including poor content distribution, broken workflows between marketing and sales, lack of revenue tracking, and more.

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Agile marketing is a way of managing marketing in which teams work to complete highly defined projects and measure their impact, with the aim of...

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Secrets Of Agi..

In agile marketing, small teams work over short periods to complete highly defined projects and measure their impact, with the aim of continuous...

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A ll over the world, marketers have identified perfecting the end-to-end customer experience as a key opportunity for growth, and a way to differentiate...

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Content is king. If you’re a modern marketer, you know why— it is the fuel for your lead generation and nurturing programs, driving leads through you...

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If mastering personalization isn’t on your list of New Year’s resolutions, it should be. With so many shopping choices, commerce marketers need to ge...

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