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Consumer products companies pioneered traditional advertising with the creation of radio, TV, print and out-of-home ads. These companies invested in all the right places, focused on consumer insights and became experts at building brands that consumers love. However, digital marketing—and mobile and social channels—has altered the playing field for consumer products brands. Understanding what drives consumption and shopping behavior is now key to maintaining and growing market share. Most consumer products companies have historically relied on consumer data from their trade partners—retailers and other third parties. However, this relationship is changing with the shift to multichannel sales, which produces data about today’s always-connected, heavily informed consumer. To drive loyalty and brand enthusiasm in this environment, consumer products companies need the ability to foster one-to-one engagement through more personalized communications and timely, relevant offers. It is difficult to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) of campaigns and overall marketing spend without integrating data from many sources, and then applying the appropriate analytics tools and skills to make sense of it. These challenges have made it tough for some consumer products brands to invest sufficiently in digital marketing.

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