TOP 3 Challenges of Monitoring Software Defined Everything.


Software Defined Everything, or SDx as it’s known – it’s the virtualization of compute, network and storage resources combined with automation and orchestration systems. And, it’s helping today’s enterprises and communication service providers significantly accelerate the time to deliver new applications and services. Need a new VM? Click a button. Want more storage? Click again. Looking to set up the infrastructure for a video stream between New York and London? You get the picture. The days of racking and stacking new devices and entering in sets of CLI commands by hand are coming to an end. Today’s vendors use varied strategies to enable an on-demand, elastic infrastructure through SDx. And, the differences can be overwhelming. Even so, a recent Infonetics Research study shows that 87% of enterprises in North America plan to have software defined networking live in their infrastructures by 2016.

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